The blue moon

The moon is the ego or the mind, it is only a reflection of the soul. People may think their consciousness is manifesting from their own brain. This is false, this is like thinking that the light of the moon is coming from the moon itself. No it is reflecting the light from the Sun or the supreme consciousness (paramatma). We are all part of that supreme consciousness, but they created the mind to give us individuality, but this is only an illusion, because all that was, all that is and all that will ever be is ONE. Here on the material plane Mother Earth we are trapped in samsara, and this is the only dimension where time exists, time exists because of the movement of the planets, without their movement there would be no time.

A full moon starts when in the opposite sign of the sun according to vedic astrology. This blue (second full moon of this month) moon starts at 30/03/2018 @ 19:52, is exactly opposite the sun at 31/03/2018 @ 14:36 (see Image below) and stops at 02/04/2018 @ 00:58.

Are you sensitive to the full moon and cannot sleep? Perhaps you were born by new moon, your moon was waning or is simply in a difficult house (6th, 8th or 12th). Remember that the moon has no enemies, but is inimical to mercury, venus and saturn. So if your moon is conjunct/aspected by one of these planets, insomnia may also occur.

The best remedy is a mantra for the moon: “Aum chandraya namaha”. Best is to look at the moon and put your hands like this and say it with all of your heart. Repeat this mantra 108 times or in 9 series of 12 in the given time period or when you cannot sleep and you see the moon out of your window…




France Election Emmanuel Macron vs Marine Le Pen

1. The technique used as described by Ernst Willhelm:

Benefics in the Sva, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 8th, and 9th Bhavas – a king.
Also, inauspiscious planets in the 3rd and 6th.
From the 1st or 7th ruler also in the preceding manner.
Mixed therein – equality.
Roving/poverty in reverse.

The 2 round of the election was on 7 may 2017.

We use the Rasi chart for this technique.

2.  Tropical approach

Settings: Ayanamsa: Dhruva Galactic Center, Middle of Mula

Tropical Rasis, Dhruva Equatorial Longitude for Nakshatra position

Naksahtra Dasa: Saura, Rasi Dasa: Saura

2.1 Marine Le Pen

Birthtime: 5 august 1968 at 11:20:00, Neuilly

She is running the Vimshottari dasha Rahu/Saturn. If jupiter is the first lord or the 7th lord or the atmakaraka, then we have to count all the planets according to the rule described above. But this isn’t the case, so we have to look if Rahu and Saturn are in good places from the Atmakaraka, the first lord and the seventh lord.

Rahu placement from
AK Mars: 10th -> no points
1th lord venus: 9th -> -1
7th lord mars: 10th -> no points

Total Rahu = -1

Saturn is in the same house as rahu, so the points will be the same here:
AK Mars: 10th -> no points
1th lord venus: 9th -> -1
7th lord mars: 10th -> no points

Total Saturn = -1

Tropical total Le Pen = -2

Side note: Saturn and Mars are debilitated in the rasi, but there are some neechabanga yoga’s involved:
Saturn and mars are in an angle from the moon and the lagna
The exaltation lord from mars is the moon and the debilitation lord from Mars is Saturn, mars and the moon are also in angles from each other -> neechabanga. This is logical that there are some cancellations of debilitation because she is the most powerful woman in France at this time…

2.2 Emmanuel Macron

Birthtime: 21 december 1977 at 10:40, Amiens

He is running Rahu/Ketu at the time of the elections, but it will change to Rahu/Venus within 3 days. The winner will take office at 14 may 2017. Normally this technique is not so birthtime sensitive, but if the dasha will change within 3 days, it may be crucial.

Rahu placement from
AK Mercury:  11th> no points
1th lord Saturn: 2th -> -1
7th lord Moon: 6th -> no points
Total Rahu = -1

Ketu placement from
AK Mercury:  5th> -1
1th lord Saturn:  8th-> -1
7th lord Moon: 12th -> no points

Total Ketu = -2

Total Macron = -3

Without the use of any intuition we could say that Macron will loose BUT:

What popped into my mind while I was doing this is that Emmanuel will run Rahu/venus within 3 days (even before taking office at 14 may 2017). But Ernst said that this needs to be the time of elections, so if we add 30 seconds to the birthtime then Rahu/Venus will start at 7 may 2017. The period Rahu/venus will end at 07/05/2020.

So lets do the math for Rahu/Venus for macron

Rahu placement from
AK Mercury:  11th> no points
1th lord Saturn: 2th -> -1
7th lord Moon: 6th -> no points
Total Rahu = -1

Venus placement from
AK Mercury:  1th -> +1
1th lord Saturn: 4th -> +1
7th lord Moon: 8th -> +1
Total Venus = +3

Total = +2

So Macron will win tropically…

3. Sidereal approach

Settings: Ayanamsa: Lahiri

Nakshatra calculations: Neither

Naksahtra Dasa: Sidereal, Rasi Dasa: Sidereal

3.1 Marine Le Pen

Running Rahu/Jupiter

Rahu placement from
AK Sun:  9th -> -1
1th lord mercury: 9th -> -1
7th lord jupiter: 8th -> -1

Total Rahu = -3

Jupiter placement from
AK Sun:  2th -> +1
1th lord mercury: 2th -> +1
7th lord jupiter (jupiter is the 7th lord so we have to judge all the planets from this place)
Jupiter:  Jupiter and venus in the AK = +2, Ketu -1, waxing moon + 1,  rahu in 8th: -1,  Saturn in 9th = -1
Total Jupiter = 3 – 3 = 0

Total = -3

3.2 Emmanuel Macron

He is running Rahu/Venus

Rahu placement from
AK Moon:  6th -> +1
1th lord Saturn: 2th -> -1
7th lord Moon: 6th ->+1
Total Rahu = +2

Venus placement from
AK Moon:  9th> +1
1th lord Saturn:  5th: +1
7th lord Moon: 9th -> +1

Total Saturn = +3

sidereal total = +5


Tropical analysis:

After correction of birth time Emmanuel will win -2 vs +2. You could  say that the result is -2 for Le Pen and -3 for Macron, so Macron should have lost, but birth time is not sure to be 100% correct.  Another thing is that there is indeed room for interpretation as Vic Dicara states. Because in Marine Le Pen her chart tropically Rahu is joined with Saturn, I didn’t take saturn into consideration, but if you judge the 9th bhava from the first lord venus, then you could say that rahu and saturn are in this bhava, this means that it could be interpreted as -2 also. This would mean that the result for Macron and Le Pen would change to -3 vs -3 (status quo).  This means that you have to look further and notice that the antardasa would change within 3 days after the election.

Emmanuel is running rahu/venus -> this means a great event may happen in his life. The switch to rahu/venus dasa coincides with the start of his presidential period… Venus is the lord of rahu and it is in an enemy sign, this means that it will not be an easy period for Macron, he may be the king, but that doesn’t mean it will be easy for him…

The fact that his birth time may be off a little bit is off no issue here, if the dasa changes even before the official date of presidency we must take this into consideration…

Sidereal analysis:

+5 Macron vs -3 Le Pen

Emmanuel is running rahu/venus also and here there is no discussion, so you can say that in the sidereal analysis it is even more clear that Emmanuel would win.


There are lots of settings in your astrology software (ayanamsa, tropical, sidereal, …)  and I used 2 common used possibilities, but if you are using another setting, feel free to do the same exercise and post it in the comments below. Thx a lot!

Also if there are other interpretations for this jaimini technique, feel free to tell your interpretations. Because Jaimini wanted us to test his techniques and it may be that you come with different techniques for tropical and sidereal settings, but the results may be the same.